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Upgrading your bathroom can be an affordable way to improve the resale value of your home. You'll find the latest in bathroom styles to provide inspiration for your next remodeling project. Creating a spa bathroom pays dividends in daily luxury and relaxation while adding an attractive selling feature to your home. Discover the luxury of walking on a heated tile floor with custom engineered Heated Bathroom Floors.

Creating a bathroom with all the newest bells and whistles adds value to your home and gives you the perfect place to go to ease away the stress of the day. Our design quality is top notch, making every bathroom a work of art.

Kohler recently introduced their answer to the luxury bathroom – DTV™. The DTV™ system gives you the ability to control the shower's lighting, music, temperature and water delivery, and steam. It is an amazing device designed especially for the luxury bathroom, so let's get more specific about the product features...Lighting, Music, Shower, Steam, Floor Heating, TV/Mirror, Colors, Tile, Fixtures, Faucets, Accessories, and much more.

Unique Digitally Designed and Manufactured Custom Cabinetry

EuroTech's State of the Art Facility supports the highest level of accuracy in a complete digital environment from the design phase right to the building phase. Custom made Advanced CAD software allows ETCR designers unlimited possibilities.

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ETCR's showroom offers customers a chance to come in and check out some of the endless options we offer.




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