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Euro Tech Cabinetry & Remodeling has gone GREEN

ETCR has gone GREEN!   Actually, we have been GREEN for a long time.  We have always been ahead of the curve when it comes to technology, and protecting our environment.  Euro Tech Cabinetry is committed to producing eco friendly products that affect energy conservation, air quality, creating healthier homes through renewable materials.

We offer several different choices of "GREEN" products.  Our Cabinetry shop offers the eco friendly, rapidly renewable Bamboo products from Bamboo Cabinets, bamboo shelving, and bamboo made accessories.  Our Remodeling division offers a full line of ECO-Friendly products from KOHLER.

We build our cabinets here in the Plainfield / Naperville area, and are dedicated to keeping our neighborhoods clean and safe.  We too, live in the same neighborhoods that we work in, and keeping our environment clean for future generations is just as import to us, as it is to your family. 

ETCR is always looking for ways to improving our  efficiency, and save our natural resources throughout the entire building process.  We have a complete facility wide Recycling program.  We Recycle absolutely all of our waste materials.  All Paper, Plastics, and Metals from the office or shop are Recycled.  All of our scrap and left over wood is either saved for future use, or recycled where it is processed into different types of composite woods.  Every shop machine is connected to a centralized dust collection system, where all the shop's saw dust is collected, and it too is also recycled.



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